Traditional buzzwords like firewall, encryption, VPN, and compliance have failed. As sales of traditional security solutions increase, the amount of cybercrime increases. Something’s wrong.

About Razorpoint

"Traditional wisdom" and "compliant" security measures have cost businesses billions. Daily news reports announce increased security breaches, huge identity thefts, and rampant international cyber attacks.

Successful organizations need effective, real world security, not more buzzwords.

At Razorpoint, we understand real cybercrime. Traditional thinking and security methods have been dismal failures.

In the last two years alone, cybercrime has yielded criminals hundreds of millions of dollars. Malware creation and distribution has increased 300-400%. Evolving cyberattacks regularly defeat status quo security methodologies.

Application security, Cloud solutions, SCADA systems, APT (Advanced Persistent Threats), critical infrastructure protection, endpoint security, and social engineering all continue to see rises in cybercrime.

Razorpoint’s real world security services and solutions in corporate espionage and cybercrime are a break from mainstream network security providers. We offer the necessary real world security services that help identify and prevent malicious cyber attacks.

Razorpoint Security scrutinizes your operating environment through the eyes of those looking to do you harm. We know what they know, we know what they see, and we know what they do.

By balancing the benefits of decades of global industry expertise with a collaborative, process-oriented approach, Razorpoint helps clients around the world mitigate and manage the security risks inherent in doing business today.