Traditional buzzwords like firewall, encryption, VPN, and compliance have failed. As sales of traditional security solutions increase, the amount of cybercrime increases. Something’s wrong.

Recognized Experts

Razorpoint Security is a prime media source and subject matter expert on information security. The Razorpoint team, which includes the company’s founder Gary Morse, has been featured by The New York Times Magazine, CNN, CNBC, Forbes, Crain’s, MSNBC, CBS, Fox5NY, ABC/CourtTV, PC Magazine, CW11 NY, and many others. (see our Media Room section)

Razorpoint’s world-class security experts help security-minded organizations repel potentially lethal cyber threats that often elude mainstream network security providers. Razorpoint’s proven services protect financial assets and intellectual property by predicting the behaviors and attack strategies of even the most sophisticated cyber criminals. By providing a complete portfolio of managed services, including advanced penetration testing and security assessments, Razorpoint provides clients ongoing network security protection.

There is no magic bullet, nor a shrink-wrapped package that ensures the security of an organization. “Security is a process, not a product.” Since 2001, Razorpoint Security has provided advanced, effective security expertise to corporate and public-sector organizations of all sizes.

Razorpoint is 100% dedicated to network security and our people are far more than technically proficient generalists. We are experts in cybersecurity and corporate espionage reconnaissance. Our expertise is applied on every Razorpoint engagement.