Traditional buzzwords like firewall, encryption, VPN, and compliance have failed. As sales of traditional security solutions increase, the amount of cybercrime increases. Something’s wrong.

why Razorpoint?

Known in the industry as leading-edge security experts, Razorpoint Security analyzes networks with the same ingenuity and perspective as the world’s best cyber criminals. We help close the doorways that would otherwise enable sophisticated attackers.

With the continued increase in cybercrime, it seems many organizations are simply perplexed about how to achieve effective cybersecurity. Intellectual property, financial information, client data, and company reputations are all key to what is at stake.

Those that seek to run simple, off-the-shelf security scanning tools remain vulnerable seemingly unaware of the breadth of attack vectors available to malicious attackers.

Razorpoint’s comprehensive security assessments employ a proprietary security methodology enabling a full analysis of an organization’s security posture. Our methodology considers all pertinent attack vectors.

Razorpoint’s world-class security experts help security-minded organizations repel potentially lethal cyber threats that often elude mainstream network security providers. Razorpoint’s proven services protect financial assets and intellectual property by predicting the behaviors and attack strategies of even the most sophisticated cyber criminals. By providing a complete portfolio of managed services, including advanced penetration testing and security assessments, Razorpoint provides clients ongoing network security protection.