For companies to get secure and stay secure, a permanent security component must be added to the mix. That security component is Razorpoint.

Managed Services

Razorpoint offers organizations the ability to more effectively manage data and endpoints 24x7 with unique network monitoring tools.

  • rz.monitoring.™ - monitors firewalls, VPNs, IDS/IPS, routers, and other network devices for up-to-the-minute detection of failure or security risk.
  • rz.endpoint.™ - protects the security of company laptops and desktops from the wide variety of sophisticated threats coming through the web, e-mail, and file transfers. Threat analysis and prevention is conducted in the cloud for improved speed and reduced risk.
  • rz.datawatch.™ - routinely monitors online presence and identifies malicious activity.Rz.DataWatch™ analyzes domain names, server information, mail routing data, and 15 other key data points the way the world sees your business. Using our methodical data sensors, frequent reviews of online presences are compared against a locked baseline snapshot of your information.

Designed for organizations large and small, Rz.Monitoring™, Rz.Endpoint™, and Rz.DataWatch™ utilize Razorpoint’s data sensors to report on any unauthorized changes or activity. In addition to reporting whenever malicious activity occurs, Razorpoint’s monitoring tools come with a monthly report that includes the status of all company data and endpoints.

Start monitoring today

Getting started is easy-there is no software to install, no web GUI to manage. The Razorpoint team does everything. Automatically and unobtrusively.