For companies to get secure and stay secure, a permanent security component must be added to the mix. That security component is Razorpoint.

Cybersecurity Assessments

Automated vulnerability scanners, appliances and scripts offer ineffective security “scans” with pre-packaged results. Razorpoint’s comprehensive security assessments employ our proprietary security methodology with a far more detailed analysis of an organization’s security exposure.

Razorpoint’s elite team of security experts analyze networks with the same ingenuity and perspective as the world’s best cyber criminals. Major threats and risks to data, information, assets, and transactions are continually evolving. Cyber crime innovation and techniques have outpaced traditional security models and most current signature-based detection technologies. Meanwhile, mainstream security measures are minimally effective against cyber criminals.And, many organizations are vulnerable to cyber crime for a number of reasons, including lack of awareness. To maintain a secure environment and stay ahead of cyber criminals, organizations need to understand how real world vulnerabilities result in unacceptable risk exposure.

The Razorpoint approach is based on knowledge instead of technology. By relying on more than a decade of research, profiling and modeling, Razorpoint’s ability to anticipate cyber attack scenarios is unmatched in the industry. And, the Razorpoint team relies on this knowledge to close doorways that would otherwise enable entry to sophisticated attackers.

Organizations across the globe rely on Razorpoint’s years of expertise and deep knowledge for assessing security in the following key areas:

Organizations know they can count on the Razorpoint team when it comes to anticipating cyber criminal behaviors and identifying hidden vulnerabilities in their networks.