For companies to get secure and stay secure, a permanent security component must be added to the mix. That security component is Razorpoint.


Designed for today’s evolving wireless technologies, Razorpoint’s wireless security assessments help organizationsminimize risk. Malicious attackers compromise wireless networks using a variety of increasingly sophisticated methods.Razorpoint assesses both the wireless network topology and the wireless infrastructure configuration to help uncover flaws that allow unauthorized access.

By leveraging Razorpoint’s comprehensive review of wireless network environments and configurations, the Razorpoint team can identify authorized and unauthorized wireless access points, review corporate access point configurations, and locate weaknesses that could allow an attacker to penetrate those networks. By conducting regular wireless security assessments, organizationsmaintain security and proactively prevent future attacks.

Razorpoint delivers:

  • Comprehensive Assessments - detailed review of wireless access points, including configuration, encryption, probes, and other wireless network infrastructure devices (802.11a/b/g/n wireless networks, as well as Bluetooth devices).
  • Detailed Reporting - all collected data undergoes an analytical review, and then is delivered with a summary analysis and remediation recommendations.