For companies to get secure and stay secure, a permanent security component must be added to the mix. That security component is Razorpoint.

Security Remediation & Incident Response

Razorpoint can help organizations configure, deploy, and troubleshoot existing technology to eliminate security vulnerabilities that go undetected. A critical component of every security program is the process for addressing security monitoring, escalation, and follow-up procedures that provide your organization with preventative and adaptive security capabilities. Razorpoint works with organizations to define a rules-based escalation procedure for effective security incident response. The Razorpoint team conducts network and host security testing, and then relies on the results to assess the inventory of current security technology and processes in the organization, to evaluate the critical information assets, and to analyze the security roles related to the infrastructure.

Razorpoint delivers:

  • Accurate reporting - leverage highly actionable and highly customized security reports to mitigate security risks and remedy identified security vulnerabilities and increase productivity by bringing your environments in line with security best practices.
  • Incident response and recovery plan - reduce costs with a proactive incident response and recovery plan, including documentation of necessary steps to take in the event of a security breach (e.g. system compromise, loss of client data, content modification, website defacement, denial of service, etc.).
  • Business integrity - protect your business against potentially lethal attacks and safeguard intellectual property, financial assets, and other critical information by establishing stronger security for both transactional and promotional Web sites, rapidly proliferating mobile devices, highly vulnerable web-based applications, and more.
  • Staff awareness - minimize risk posed by internal (malicious employees) and external (cyber criminals) threats and elevate the awareness and capabilities of internal security and IT staffs.